Kamado Joe

Store for Kamado Joe and PK Grills

When it comes to grilling, a lot of people have a strong devotion to certain brands. We understand that. For the same reason, Backyard Grills Inc offers a ton of different grill brands in our store.

At Backyard Grills Inc, we sell grills and grill accessories at an affordable price. You get the same high-quality products that other guys are selling for way more money. The secret to our success is our dedication to the customer.

We want you to have the best experience when you shop with us. We make sure we always have Kamado Joe and PK Grills on our shelves at all times for you. We know that people are loyal to different grill brands for different reasons. It’s our honor to be able to stock PK Grills as well as Kamado Joe for you.

At Backyard Grills Inc, we refuse to cut corners. We will never sell you an inferior product or markup the prices. We want you to love shopping with us, so we do everything in our power to make it easy.

You can either shop with us in-person or through our online store. You’ll quickly notice that we aren’t like the other guys. Grilling runs in our blood, and we have a deep passion for this lifestyle. For that reason, we want other people who share our passion to have a great place to shop.

We stock grills as well as countless grilling accessories. Whatever you need for your grill, we’ve got it! At Backyard Grills Inc, you can find it all.

You can learn more about Backyard Grills Inc through our website. Meet the team, scroll through our shop, and get to know some of the top brands we offer. Call us or email us with any questions or directions to our store. Backyard Grills Inc is a great store for Kamado Joe and PK Grills, among others.

Located inside the TELUS store

20 Muir Drive, St. Albert AB

(780) 459-8444 ext. 3

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