Great with: Pork, Turkey and Chicken


Ingredients: Salt, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Granulated Garlic, Herbs de Provence, Sage, Cayenne

Lane's BBQ Signature Brine

    • Wet Brine:
      This is the traditional method and involves adding salt and flavorings (aromatics, etc) to water so that the salt is dissolved into the water and then the meat is soaked in the salt water brine. (Basic Turkey Brine recipe is for your reference)
    • Dry Brine:
      The Dry Brining method was popularized by Chef Judy Rodgers of San Fransisco's Zuni Cafe in the 1980's. You still use salt and other flavorings (herbs and spices), but instead of soaking the meat in a salt water solution, the salt is applied directly to the meat and the meat then sits with this salt coating on it. Since a traditional "brine" is a salt water solution, technically dry brining is not really a "brine", but rather a method of using salt to pull the natural moisture from the meat you are working with. Once the moisture has been pulled to the exterior of the meat, it does now mix with the salt on the surface and the salt will dissolve into that moisture, which in turn does make a brine solution that gets pulled back into the meat. Because this method brines and seasons the meat without additional moisture it can produce a firmer, more intensely flavored product.

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